Top 5 ASX Listed Financial Institution 2021 Annual General Meeting

Australian Multinational Bank
Project Management, vMix Programming, Show Direction, Broadcast Operations Direction, Vision Operations, Video Production & Editing
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October 2021

As a result of the great success delivered from events hosted by CTS in previous years, a top 5 ASX listed financial institution engaged CTS to deliver their Annual General Meeting for a third year.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, social distancing requirements and health and safety concerns of shareholders, directors and staff were a priority along with the engagement of representation of both virtual and in-room attendees.

A COVID safe environment was implemented for the event using CTS's COVID Management guidelines. This included safe distancing of presenters, traffic direction planning, and a bespoke COVID contingency plan that siloed technician teams to ensure safe COVID practices and a backup contingency team. In response to rapidly changing travel restrictions, board members around the globe pre-recorded their messages in professional HD quality through the use of user friendly technology that was approved by the company's strict IT requirements.iPad Pros were sent out to each Board Member, and by utilising a hybrid of streaming and news broadcasting technology, CTS captured HD quality pre-records superior to MS Team or Zoom standard video recordings.

To incorporate inclusivity and accessibility, shareholders and proxyholders were provided with registration instructions via an online guide to vote on resolutions, connect to the platform, and ask questions before and during the meeting. This ensured all shareholders were represented equally, no matter how they chose to participate in the meeting, while also assuring non-technical personnel could operate the system with ease. In addition, CTS also provided a technical support chat function that allowed shareholder participants to access if they experienced any technical difficulties with voting or access to the webcast.

The event was facilitated by the professional, efficient and experienced CTS Production team who throughout the weeklong set up and rehearsal provided ongoing project management leading up to the meeting including drafted floor plans, technical contingencies and other event logistical deliverables. As industry leaders in the events space, CTS delivered a secure, successful and seamless experience for both the client and the shareholder on the day of the event.

“The team were fantastic. I have worked with CTS a number of times now and am always impressed with their efficiency, professionalism and just fantastic work ethic. Always a joy to work with. The event ran smoothly. I appreciate the technicians stepping up and helping on their own initiative -that was impressive. Great teamwork.”

– Australian Multinational Bank