Parliament of NSW Function Room Refurbishment

Parliament of NSW
Consulting (Briefing, Design, and Build), Technical Project Management, Electroacoustics Design
Total AV Budget
$1.3 million
April 2020 – December 2021

The Strangers Function Room is a versatile space predominantly used as a dining room at NSW Parliament House. With a need for a heritage ceiling refurbishment, CTS was engaged by Parliament of NSW as an audio visual and electroacoustic consultant to design new AV systems and infrastructure throughout the space.

Based on electroacoustic modelling software, 70 loudspeakers were distributed in the function room to deliver exceptional audio performance throughout the venue. Moreover, 7 projector systems on rotatable lifters were installed to provide a premium viewing experience for clients and guests.

“I had the pleasure of working with CTS on the Strangers project -this was a very complex design given the almost endless possibilities of audio, video and control routing throughout the combinable spaces and CTS handled it with ease. I was also impressed with the depth CTS went into regarding the user experience and UI design, which was also very complex, but very well thought out and documented. Nice job CTS!”

– Ewan McDonald, Chief Systems Officer, TAG (Technical Audio Group)

Controlled from a single wireless touchscreen with a simple user interface, all technology is flexible and easy to use as end users can efficiently configure the space with a simple touch. Furthermore, the technology seamlessly blends into the timber ceiling panels to minimise visual impact, ultimately preserving the heritage nature of the elegant space and the panoramic garden views.

A perfect example of how form meets function, the AV refurbishment of the Strangers Function room at NSW Parliament House has seen Parliament of NSW address modern and future requirements as the heritage space can now be configured in new and innovative ways.