Multinational Private Investment Firm Symposium

Multinational Private Investment Firm
Project Management, cMix Programming, Camera Direction, Technical Direction, Webcast Production
Total AV Budget
May 2021

In 2021, CTS delivered a multinational private investment firm's Symposium to great success. The event was available practice wide, featuring presenters and audience all around the globe live via CTS's webcast platform solution.

During the ongoing pandemic where social distancing requirements and travel restrictions were in place, CTS was tasked with creating an impactful, engaging and professional event that blended several virtual elements into a cohesive hybrid experience.

CTS provided an end-to-end service with pre-production meetings, third party supplier management and AV and broadcast provisions. Our event technical specialists facilitated pre-production meetings, generated floor plans and signal flow diagrams, as well as organised network tests and rehearsals to ensure the event ran smoothly on the day. All stakeholders were involved and guided through the pre-production process to ensure they were put at ease and issues were resolved before event day.

“CTS has been amazing to work with for the upgrade of our Broadcast Studio. Their patience and persistence to ensure we received exactly what we asked for was exemplary. We had many challenges, but they were always on top of them and communicated so well along the way”

– Multinational Private Investment Firm

The event featured a hybrid panel session, with participants joining from USA and all-around Australia via video conference and live in the venue in Sydney. Graphic overlays that introduced panel members and generated background images, created a dynamic and visual experience for the audience online and the audience in the venue. Additionally, CTS maximised engagement for the hybrid audience using picture in picture formats that allowed participants to interact which each other while remote presenters were able to annotate their slides virtually, encouraging presenters to interact with their content in engaging ways.

Due to the high-profile nature of the event, CTS provided a bespoke webcast solution for the client, delivering a live broadcast with two simultaneous streams as a backup contingency, using a secure and reliable 5G bonded network. Through the use of innovative techniques to ensure engagement of both the live and virtual audience simultaneously, the event was a monumental success for the firm, and as such CTS has been tasked to deliver the same event for two years running.