Designing Deloitte's 477 Collins Street, Melbourne Office Space

Consulting (Briefing, Design, and Build)
Total AV Budget
$4.7 Million
2018 – 2021

With a desire to create an office space that encourages co-creation and innovation, Deloitte engaged CTS to lead the design elements of the development of their new office space at 'Olderfleet', 477 Collins Street.

CTS conducted multiple discovery sessions with various department stakeholders to uncover their requirements within the space. As a result, three grandeur video walls split across floors with content management systems integrations were installed. In addition to this was the development of 50+ digital signage screens, 100+ Microsoft Teams rooms and 15+ multifunction spaces.

"Deloitte IT has undertaken numerous National AV Projects that have resulted in successful deliveries by the expertise & professionalism that CTS AV services offer. The AV services they have successfully provided for Deloitte Australia are White Glove Support, Consultancy, Procurement, Auditing, Integration & Documentation. All delivered with punctuality by a friendly team of experts"

-Bruno Ciaramella, ITS Unified Communications Senior Manager AU, Deloitte – Asia Pacific

To ensure a smooth implementation, once all technology was installed, CTS created quick start guides and established a support structure with onsite AV teams.

At the time of construction, 477 Collins street was the biggest Crestron XiO Cloud deployment in the world. From improved collaboration to remote access and scalability, the software designed and installed by CTS has seen great engagement from both internal and external stakeholders and has enabled Deloitte to set a new standard for the next generation of workplace design.