Reinventing the Wheel - When Gear Becomes Obsolete

What can you do to ensure you get the best life span out of your AV technology?

Two things that are always going to be true of technology in the AV industry. Gear can break and it can become obsolete at some point. Take the example of Apple, each year they release a new phone that is slightly varied from the original design. The variation can be as minor as a software change, or as major as removing the 3.5mm jack altogether. Be it by trying to keep with the current trends, or trying to ensure that everything remains compatible, consumers will pay out of their pockets to keep everything convenient.

So what can we do to ensure that we get the best life span out of our technology?

·      Commission a vendor agnostic team that has a firm grasp on audio visual technology & selecting the correct gear which will prove to be the best option in the long run.

·      Ensure your AV support is separate from your integrator. An AV support team will not have a commercial interest in the sale of equipment but instead focus on the clients long-term interest and the functionality of the technology used.

·     Like every good plan, always have a back up plan. Ensure that your system includes a built-in backup to suit the needs of your job so that you never have to compromise on your end product for the event.

·     Learn the logic. Having all members of staff associated with the tech educated on basic troubleshooting will provide confidence to clients, and will prevent major maintenance costs long term.

Technology is constantly evolving,and many aspects around what technology can achieve move from strength to strength. The very foundations of longevity is preparation from the very beginning, and stressing the importance of education and redundancy to provide a seamless experience from the first time, every time.