A Quick Fix - How to Fix Most Problems in your Conference Room

Every system has its own quirks and ways of operating, however most share the same problems.

Every system has its own quirks and ways of operating, however mostof them share the same problems. A few good ways to fix problems in a conference room include:

Power Cycling the Unit

  • The most simple hack of all is turning your device off and on. On a physical level, some components require a reset to clear internal memories of data and allow more data to be sent and received. It has been picking up the information for previous laptops all day, the best Idea is to clear the slate, and start again.

Using a different adapter

  • Some adapters use certain chipsets and codecs that work with certain devices. Therefore, some adapters speak a different language to the device they are trying to talk toand cause issues where the picture refuses to appear on screen. Swap the adapter out with a different one and it should work the desired way.
How to Fix Most Problems in your Conference Room

Switch Displays

  • Use the Windows key +P (or Command + F1 for Mac users) to switch between displays. Often users that have 3 or mor displays that they typically work off will find that their windows disappear when then change over to a projector. Using this method will verify where the different windows are in the system and will also help in positioning them in the correct place between the projector screen and the computer itself.

Bring a backup laptop

  • Bringing 2 laptops to the meeting with the presentation uploaded to each one. As part of a good setup routine, it is recommendedto have the presentation set up on two devices in the case that oneshould fail. Other reasons to do this would include the fact that some display ports failon older model laptops and as a result, the laptop will not output correctly. Another great reason for having a second laptop present is for screen sharing as one laptop can acts as the host and the other displays content.

These simple fixes can assist a range of start-up, power and signal issues for internal meetings. With these tips,you might be able to resolve the issue before a tech arrives in the room and furthermore, impress your colleagues with your abilities in a meeting.